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Créez votre espace modulaire multifonctions à faible impact environnemental

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The mOdbOx is a multifunctional module, optimizing the environmental and energy performance. It's an innovative conception using wood and biobased materials in order to offer an autonomous and efficient module throughout the year. 

Comfort in summer and winter 

Low environmental impact

 Unique conception and modern design

Adapt to weather conditions 


Offer yourself a healthy, mutlifunctionnal and sustainable space

Our mOdbOx cover a surface of 240 sqf, allowing to run the construction without a building permit in North America. 

This model is designed to be quick to manufacture and install.

The innovative conception around the mOdbOx guarantees a high structure stability while offering a refined and modern design. 

Accountably use your environment 

Get an unrivalled comfort of living, while respecting your environment. The mOdbOx optimize its energy consumption by respecting specific sun exposure and ventilation criteria. Consume less energy and stay comfy throughout the year!

Put the environment in the heart of your space

Provide you with a module protected from temperature variations and outside noise thanks to high thermal and noise insulation. 

We offer the possibility to add clean technologies to improve the carbon footprint of your mOdbOx : solar panels, water recycling and more...

Let your imagination fly

We are making modular furnitures available, allowing you to customize your mOdbOx according your needs : room, creation studio, office, adjacent living room...